Heritage Fresh: Shop for groceries, fruits, vegetables, regular household items & more at low rates. Get free grocery home delivery services for groceries.


Get all your answers regarding any queries about Heritage Fresh Club.

  • 01 - Where can I enroll for a Heritage Fresh membership card?

  • 02 - What is the criterion for being eligible to subscribe for an Heritage Fresh membership card?

  • 03 - How can I enroll myself for the Heritage Fresh Program to avail its benefits?

  • 04 - Can I shop and avail for Heritage Fresh membership benefits without the card at the time of Shopping?

  • 05 - Can I use multiple cards in a single bill transaction?

  • 06 - Which format stores can I use my Heritage Fresh card for shopping?

  • 07 - What are the benefits that I will get through Heritage Fresh card?

  • 08 - Can I use the Heritage Fresh card for payment of any item from the store?

  • 09 - Can I get an exchange / return / refund of the merchandise purchased using Heritage Fresh card at store?

  • 10 - Can I get my card blocked?

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