7 cooking hacks everyone should know

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Cooking comes easy to those that love the process, but at times we all fall into the pile of kitchen hazards when we shut our eyes for a mere second. Nevertheless, there are many easy kitchen hacks and easy recipe hacks that one can consider before giving up on culinary skills. This list of the best kitchen hacks will ensure that no matter how bad you are at cooking; you will still have a way to rectify your mistakes.

White Potatoes, please!

Do you face the dilemma of browned potatoes before they make it to the pan? All you need to do is cut and prep them in water, this disables the release of starch (that oxidizes them)

Say no to hardened brown sugar

Toss an orange peel or an apple slice in your brown sugar jar to avoid it from lumping and clumping. For a quick fix, you can microwave brown sugar alongside a glass of water (moisture in the microwave will break down the lumpy brown sugar pieces)

No Messy Cheese Grating

Stack your cheese in the deep freezer for 30 minutes prior to grating them. This helps it to stay intact, not melt and offers a mess-free grating experience. Call it the perfect kitchen hack!

Honey, they are crystals!

Have you ever come across your honey in crystallized form? Well, fret not. You can de-crystallize them by just placing the container in a bowl of hot water for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Over-boiling avoidance

Many of us face the wrath of over-boiling liquids that ooze out of the pan and onto the stove. You can certainly keep it at bay. Your best kitchen hack here would be to keep a wooden ladle or spoon over the pot and it will not over-boil.

Save the herbs!

Ice-cube trays are a saviour to freeze freshly chopped herbs in water, olive oil, or stock to use later. These seasoning agents remain fresh and crisp even after they are thawed.

Ice-cream burns too.

Ever had a spoonful of ice cream secretly from the freezer and regretted that instantly as it tastes bland and burnt? Well, just keep a wax paper onto your ice-cream the next time to avoid freezer burns.

So, next time you dread choosing your ice cream on your next grocery shopping in Hyderabad, you can consider this hack and bring yourself a bucket full of it!

With today’s virtualized world, it is possible to engage in WhatsApp shopping in Hyderabad and have things delivered at your doorstep. These kitchen hacks will surely turn you into a culinary pro within minutes. Now, go ahead and flaunt these savvy hacks on your next cooking spree.

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